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My life with cystic acne is over..finally!

My life with cystic acne is over..finally!

Acne. Cysts. Who has time for that. I know I don't.


There is nothing I hate more than when I wake up and feel a cyst coming in on my face. I first started getting these when I was in college and started birth control. I didn't even know it was possible to get a cyst on your face until then! I was devastated. I spend most of my time back and forth between the dermatologist and hiding in my room.


Dermatologist can inject cystic acne with cortisone and make it go away quicker, but there is a chance that it will leave an indented scar on your face. Since I did not know about the side effect, I got quite a few scars as well. Clearly it was a rough time for my skin. I was desperate. I tried everything.


This went on for years. When I moved to Los Angeles I decided to dig deeper. I wanted to know what caused these miserable painful bumps on my face. Sure enough I found out for me it was all hormone related. Unfortunately I couldn't find too many options, I just must have hormones that hate me. I started digging deeper into my research on how I could get rid of the cysts!


I had been going to a dermatologist in LA, and they weren't helping too much. I needed someone to tell me something new. I didn't want to hear one more time that all I could do was get it injected with cortisone. I knew there had to be a better solution. Have you seen celebrities faces! How do they have perfect skin! They have to be doing something I do not know about!!! As I was leaving my dermatologist (knowing it was going to be my last time there) the nurse whispered 'look into microneedling', and she left! I finally found a spark of hope!!


I went home, grabbed my computer, and spent the next few hours researching what on earth this so call microneedling is. It is pretty much what it sounds like. The dermatologist numbs your face first, and then with this thing that looks like a pen, starts to microneedle the face. The tool looks just like a pen, but on the end of it there are many different tiny needles. It creates little abrasions so that your skin has to heal itself. Usually this means heal the acne, or the scar or whatever was there.


When you do miconeedling you usually have the option to choose to use your own collagen. Collagen promotes healing and of course I chose to do this because it was said to have better results. I wanted immediate results and I was willing to do whatever it took. The nurse takes blood from your arm, just like your giving blood, and then they put it in a spinner, and it separates the collagen that you need for this procedure from the rest of the blood. They put the collagen in a syringe, it looks like a shot, but they do not inject it. They just cover your face with it and then when they start microneedling it get pushed down into the little holes the needle makes.


When I went into this procedure I was so nervous. And even when I left. You can't wear make up for 24 hours and you should stay out of the sun for a few days! Easy enough. When I left the office my face was very red. I look like I had a sunburn. And my face felt tight.


By the next morning I was already seeing results. I was amazed. And by day three, my skin looked better than it ever had. My scars and indentions from all of my shots were gone too! I was thrilled. My skin was better than it had ever been. My skin stayed extremely clear for about five months. When I noticed the acne and cysts coming back, I made another appointment at my dermatologist and had the procedure done again. This time immediately after I had a small breakout. I called the office and they said that was normal! Everything was coming to the surface and getting out of my pores! After about a week my skin was back to being as clear as ever!


The last time I did the procedure was in March! I plan to keep this cycle. Have the procedure and wait until I get acne again, and then start the cycle over. And when I mean acne I don't mean one little zit! Everyone gets those! I mean real acne!


I have included some photos of my skin prior to this procedure for you guys to see. They aren't something I love showing because they are very unattractive. I think it is important for people to know that they are not alone. Everyone has these struggles, but just because they are ugly we try to hide them.


The doctor I went to is based in LA. The name of the office is Rebecca Fitzgerald, I go to one of the other doctors there!


If you guys have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! 

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